Registration of a JMB

Registration of a JMB

After the 1st AGM organized by the developer and the committee members representing the purchaser has been elected, the JMB need to be registered with the COB office.

  • Who is to submit the application?
  • The developer or its appointed management body
  • Is there a dateline to submit the application?
  • The application must be submitted not later than 28 days from date of AGM.
  • What documents need to be provided for the purpose of registration?
    • A copy of notice for the call for the AGM
    • Minutes of meeting of the AGM
    • Attendance list – purchasers and proxy holders
    • The following information of the elected members
      • A copy of SPA
      • A copy of IC
      • A copy of financial statement of each committee member 
      • A statutory declaration that  the elected committee members are not a bankrupt.
    • A copy of name and correspondence address of all purchasers of RB who are automatic members of the body
    • A copy of the land title
    • A copy of pre-computation plan
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2 thoughts on “Registration of a JMB

  1. Hi, Dr R@28

    On the documents required for registration, I would appreciate if you give some clarifications on the following terms used:
    1) What is the “purchasers of RB”?
    2) What is a copy of “pre-computation plan”?
    3) When you said ” financial statment of each member”, do you mean the bank statement or the statement of nancial position (eg. balance sheet) of the JMB members.
    Thank You.

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