Annual General Meeting

The JMB committee must call for a General meeting once a year. A meeting must be held after the completion of 12 months period but not later than 15 months.


Attendees: All property owners 

Voters: Property owners that has paid their maintenance charges in full.

Candidate for election: Same as voters


(1)  To present the audited BMF accounts.

(2)  To elect new office bearers.

Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)

Anyone of the following can demand the JMC to conduct an EGM to discuss specific issues. The agenda of the EGM must be specific and meeting must be conducted to discuss only matters raised in the agenda. Matters not highlighted in the agenda cannot be discussed.

(1)  COB – By giving a written order to convene the meeting

(2)  JMB – The committee can call for EGM if they have specific agenda to discuss and need the participation of the purchasers

(3)  Unit owners – Any registered unit owner as per the SPA or unit building title can request the committee to convene an EGM. However the particular person must show proof that it has the support of not less than 25% of the total unit owners to convene the request for the EGM.

Procedure to organize a General Meeting (AGM or EGM)

Secretary issue notice to call for a meeting in writing with at least 14 days notice. The notice must include the agenda for the meeting

  • Attendance for meeting is taken.
  • President of JMB to chair the meeting.
  • Secretary to take minutes
  • Agenda of meeting is discussed



The JMB must inform COB the outcome of every General Meeting (AGM or EGM)

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